Ksite Interview

The CW’s Frequency sees a new episode airing tonight (November 9) at 9PM ET/PT on The CW, and KSiteTV was one of several outlets to visit the show’s set in Vancouver last week. While there, we spoke with Peyton List (Raimy Sullivan) who explained her character’s decision to keep the ham radio that allows her to communicate with her father in 1996 a secret.

“I think she is intent on keeping that a secret, and she made that decision…. I think it was in Episode 2, where she was really adamant about Frank telling Julie about what was gonna happen and also telling her about the ham in the same context,” List explained, “and then she comes to the realization that it is the worst idea. It’s the worst thing they could possibly do because it adds another variable. It’s not so much convincing somebody that we have this phenomenon; it’s more that if you bring another person in, that’s one more person who could alter something and it’s less controlled. So she made that decision [that] we just have to try and contain this as much as we can and control it as much as we can.”

Things might not always remain this way, however. “That being said, I think she may come round to changing her mind on that or bringing someone else in on that based on other circumstances that we explore going forward,” Peyton teased. “What if something happens to one of them and you can’t get to the ham? It’s that sort of ‘what if, what if, what if?’ Should you put safety nets in place? But then you also have the challenge of making someone believe you with the ham, and I think that’s a tall order,” she said.