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Star Peyton List (Raimy Sullivan) says she doesn’t know who the Nightingale killer is, but she’s “really interested to see who it finally pans out to be because [the timeline has] changed so much, but this one thing has stayed the same.”

At the end of this week’s episode, a photo of the Nightingale killer that he or she took in 1996 turned up in 2016 in the posession of one of the murder victims. Does this change how Raimy and the rest of the police department engages with the case? List teased:

It does change things quite a bit because it sort of takes your anonymity out of it. When you’re the one chasing them, all of a sudden, I think what that says is: ‘I know you’re after me and I know who you are and I just flipped the mirror around.’ And I think that’s unnerving because they’re hardly ever in that position. So they don’t know how much he knows or what he means by something, but he definitely meant something by leaving it. It was kind of a blatant act, so I think that, for Raimy, is a bit unnerving. She likes to be in control and she likes to have a plan and that sort of pulls the rug out from under her.