Still no Lisa Snart in Legend of Tomorrow

Over at there’s a review of episode 12 of The Legends of Tomorrow which talks about Lisa Snart.

and it’s a shame that we actually couldn’t get a Lisa Snart appearance in the flesh given that she’s been a fun addition on “The Flash.” (The CW may have made a mistake casting Peyton List as Lisa; she’s great, but she’s also extremely busy.)

Ironically Peyton has been filming the CW pilot Frequency which recently wrapped up.

Gallery additions

Peyton’s 2003 cover for Your Prom has been added.

2003 Your Prom

I’ve also updated the Meeting Evil page with stills.


Comic Con Rares

Found some rares taken at at the 2013 Comic Con where Peyton and her co-stars were promoting The Tomorrow People. God How I miss that show!