Pilot still & Poster

The gallery has been updated with a still of Peyton from the frequency pilot and a poster.

Gallery Tidbits

I almost forgot about these gems-some of the Girls’ Life covers Peyton has graced over the years and not to mention the Canadian bridal Guide!

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Gallery update

I found this cute behind the scenes picture of Peyton filming her first stint on Smallville.



Also decide to sort and add some pictures of Peyton from Girls’ Life Magazine which Peyton has graced more covers than anyone!  The first are a series of scans from from 2003  and the second is a cover for 2004.


Stills of Peyton from her guest spot on Ghost whisperer have been added to the gallery.

Spoiler tv has posted that Supernatural is getting new show runners. Why is is this Peyton related you may ask? Supernatural’s current show runner is Jeremy Carver who will be stepping down to focus on his new show Frequency.


Flash Forward Promos & Stills

I’ve started updating the gallery with all things Flash Forward.  A fantastic show but was cancelled too soon.