Riley Smith talks Peyton List

Showbiz Junkies interviewed Riley Smith. Here’s what he said about working with Peyton:

Peyton and I vowed for the pilot that we would be there for each other off camera for the whole thing because it really makes a big difference. Peyton and I have been acting partners for 10 years. Nobody really knows that but we’ve worked countless hours on so many things that we did get, so many things that we didn’t get. We never actually physically worked together in a scene on TV though until now. And so all that history and work that we put in really showed and came across in the bond that we had as father and daughter.

It was very important for us, because we have that bond and we know each other so well as actors, to be there for each other off camera. I’m trying to do it for the whole series. It gets tougher because we’re working so much faster on a series than the pilot. So, I was talking to her the other day about it. I was like, ‘Let’s at least for the beginning of the show until we get it rolling, let’s still do that.’ Regardless, I can hear her in my head. I’ve worked with her so much I know how she would deliver it. But it always sounds better from her than probably a script supervisor off camera…no offense to the script supervisor.”