Supreme Ruler being presented at Cannes

Supreme Ruler being presented at Cannes

So that was the official Poster for the move. Those of you missed the post yesterday, you can see the poster here or below.

Thanks to Screenmancer, they’ve given us further details on the film which I thought was in development hell.  It’s apparentely quite the opposite.  It will be looking for buyers at next year’s Cannes Film Festival.  The film will be shot in Chicago but no dates as to when.


The WIT Analyis

The World Screen has an interesting article about which CW shows generated the highest buzz.  Peyton gets a mention and according to various audiences, they finally approved of Peyton getting her own lead role!

“Aside from a part of the audience that is getting increasingly allergic to remakes, a majority of social media users were sold on the trailer and see a real potential in the series, notwithstanding the plot similarity with the original movie,” Servy says. “They approve of Peyton List finally getting a lead role, and are quite thrilled by the combination of time traveling and family bonding.”

Frequency Buzz

Deadline is reporting that some upcoming pilots are receiving major Buzz. Frequency also seems to be getting some early attention.  Let’s hope it it gets a series pick up.  You can read the full article here